About me and the blog


If you’ve come to this page, it’s probably because you want to know a little more about me and the blog.

Behind Indoor Delight hides me, Jessica, 34 years old [now, a little “a lot” more]. I am married. I have a lovely daughter and a wonderful guy who take up a lot of my time. I created this blog to share my interest in decoration and a certain art of living.

What more can be said?  It’s never easy to talk about yourself, but on this blog, I share a lot of my passion for decoration, interior design, design and craftsmanship, a real taste for travel and the distant, and a certain vision of things focused on the durable, the beautiful, the well-done, the intelligent. In short, you will learn a lot more by reading. However, here are two or three things about me and the blog in a few lines.

If I had to talk about myself in 10 points

  1. I have been passionate about decoration and design since I worked in a decoration boutique.
  2. I like contemporary art for having spent six years in a Fine Arts school, but now I’m more into the creations of designers and craftsmen.
  3. I am a graphic designer in my spare time. I collect images, flyers that I classify in boxes, binders, but now I’m more on Pinterest which allows me to have a global vision.
  4. I am a handyman. I accumulate items to repair, scraps of fabric, balls of wool… And for some time now, I have been attending seat repair classes.
  5. I love the press. I read “nonsense” [that’s what I am told, at the same time I assume] like Marie-ClaireGlamorElle.. those suit me very well.
  6. I keep buying books on decoration, graphics, designers that I can no longer fit into my library.
  7. I like to travel, even if today it’s more complicated.
  8. I don’t watch TV a lot. I prefer to read a book and read my magazines.
  9. I live in a house that I have completely redecorated.
  10. I am never bored. No time. But I get angry; because I don’t have time.